Our journey that started with handmade carpets in 1912 experience numerous milestones. Özkul Carpets purchased the first carpet weaving machine in Turkey in 1952 and continues to benefit from state of art technologies in carpet production.

Özkul Carpets continued to manufacture house carpets until 1960. From henceforth, the company choose to focus on one field to manufacture mosque carpets.

In addition to 50.000 mosques in Turkey, 4.500 mosques abroad carry the signature of Özkul Carpets.

Differs from house carpets, mosque carpets require unique expertise. These carpets that are applied to the holiest places of Islam should both reflect spiritual textures of the mosque and quality craftsmanship to be durable for long life use. Özkul Carpets has been specialised in mosque carpets manufacturing that requires a large responsibility in spiritual terms continues to work harder to offer the best service.

Özkul Carpets is the first brand with Woolmark certificate in Turkey. A certificate that focuses on highest quality production in Wool. Manufacturing quality achieved with 100% pure new wool sourced domestically and from overseas.

Our carpets are specially designed for best harmony with mosque. Additional process to minimise shading in knee contact area, a process only available in Özkul Carpets, also applied to every carpet. Mosque carpets protected against moths and bugs by Eulan SPA, a safe substance.

With attention to detail and expertise, Özkul Carpets aims for best applications for every project. If you are looking for for mosque carpet application that complements your place, please contact experienced staff of Özkul Carpets.

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